my one word: discipline

Judging by the date of my last blog post, my One Word for 2012 (inspired by this initiative) is entirely appropriate:  discipline.

When I started to blog in the beginning of the school year, I did so prompted by the energy and excitement instilled in me when I began a year-long professional development program through the PLP Network.  I vowed to blog daily, to share my experiences, to cultivate my own digital footprint.

And then I stopped.

But, why?

My excuse was “no time.”  But the real reason?  Lack of discipline.

Though it took placing my large, new, pretty desk calendar beneath my plan book and having the giant number 2012 stare me in the face to refocus and begin my search for discipline, I can now say that I am ready to start again.

I received another nudge in the ribs this evening as I participated in a DiscoveryEd webinar on taking the fear out of blogging.  The group was small and the presenters endearing, straightforward, and encouraging in their segments.  I registered yesterday and was excited about what I would learn, but when 5:30 rolled around I had toyed with the idea of not attending.  Discipline tapped me on the shoulder and posed the question:  BUT WHY?

There was no good reason for me not to keep up my end of the bargain with myself.  So, I logged on, listened, chatted, tweeted, and LEARNED.  I signed out feeling exhilarated, feeling a sense of accomplishment.  I walked away with great ideas to take to my students and my colleagues, and I realized that I had just done some learning for learning’s sake.  I wasn’t required to attend this webinar, it wasn’t part of PLP, it wasn’t a grad class.  I registered simply because I found the topic to be interesting and I wanted to learn more.

Which brings me back to the reason I started this blog in the first place.  I am a learner first.  And tonight, I felt an overwhelming sense of something clicking, falling into place, a feeling uncannily similar to the one that washed over me when I went to the PLP Kickoff event that started this whole process in the first place.  I am coming to realize that I am at home when I am learning, which is most likely the reason why I enjoy teaching so much (and why–even though I JUST finished my master’s–I miss being a student.)  Because of that webinar, I was prompted to check my Twitter feed a bit more thoroughly, post to my classroom blog for my parents (which I haven’t done since the beginning of the school year…ahem, discipline…) and write this post as well.

I remembered that being consistent in my own learning, connecting to others who can teach me, and sharing my thoughts about teaching and learning in the digital age are the things that are going to send me in the direction of success.

So, discipline’s the word.

I am back to being a learner first and I could not be more excited about the possibilities that  opens up for myself and for my students in 2012.


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