Class Update March 9, 2015

This month’s book report is on a mystery and the students will pose as a newspaper reporter and will be writing a newspaper article for a fictional newspaper about the main event that occurs in the book.

Upcoming Tests

-Tuesday: Poetry quiz

-Wednesday: Unit 10 vocabulary quiz


LA:  6-1 Vocabulary: Finish flashcard for unit 10

6-2: Synonyms and Antonyms for Unit 10

6A Math: 115- 2 (Not sure if this is accurate– Sorry! Trying to deciper student handwriting)

6B Math: None

Religion: None

Science: Section 1 and 2; study vocab

Social Studies:  Finish chart in notebook

6A Spanish:  Correct test and get signed

6B Spanish:  Word worksheet–make corrections to homework–anything in red 5x

6A Music:


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